In January 2014, I would like to see my blog have…

  • At least another blog post besides this one
  • Some post that has comments, i.e. someone else has read it besides me.

So, aiming quite low. So far, thinking too ambitiously about creating a blog, blogging regularly, getting active readers, writing good quality articles etc. has prevented me from setting up a blog in the first place. So now I took a different, diary-like approach to this: it doesn’t matter, if I don’t blog often or regularly, the length and quality of the posts can be very variable, and it’s not necessary to get any kind of attention from others, although it would be nice.

So, my purpose for this blog is to have a place where to store my ideas mainly on agile and other work related stuff: thoughts, revelations and ideas that I come up with. Especially such things that I would like to be able to share with someone e.g. by sending a link to my blog post. So, let’s see how it goes.

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